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The Basic Uses For An Inline Water Heater | Tankless Water Heaters

Inline Water Heater


The Basic Uses For An Inline Water Heater

Hot water is something we take for granted. Whether using it for a morning shower or cleaning an old grease laden engine part, hot water is indispensable. But draining a 50 gallon hot water heater and waiting for it to re-heat is cause enough to look into replacement with either a larger tank or an continuous flow inline water heater.

Consistent Hot Water
Any unit that interrupts the flow of ambient water by heating it on the run is considered an inline water heater. They are more often referred to as either gas or electric tankless water heaters. One of the advantages over a tank-type unit is that a tankless system never runs out of hot water. When the faucet is turned on water flows through the small tankless system, either a gas burner or an electric element heats the water to a consistent high temperature. It stays on until the faucet is turned off. So even if you have 5 people in a row taking hot showers, using about 20 gallons of water each, a tankless water heater never runs cold.

Using an inline water heater in the bathroom means that there will never be a shortage of hot water. The units can be set up in parallel for simultaneous demands. Different size units are available depending upon the size of the family and specific use.

Besides having hot water available for cooking, an automatic dishwasher is the most common appliance to use an inline water heater. In many cases, it is used to boost the temperature for the dishwasher. A gas unit, when gas or LP is available, is very efficient in most warm weather climates

Heating a pool would be impossible for a tank-type system. Pools require a large amount of hot water to circulate throughout the night when the outside temperatures drop as the sun goes down. Using an inline water heater is the only way to be guaranteed that hot water will be available when needed.

Commercial Uses
Inline water heaters have found acceptance in many commercial applications that require a large supply of continuous hot water. Among the applications are restaurants, schools, hospitals and laboratories. These units are often set up with thermostatic tankless water heaters that boost the temperature for long runs between the source and the function such as a commercial dishwasher. A thermostatic inline water heater controls the precise temperature of the water.

Whole House Units
If the entire house or cabin needs to be heated for use at multiple points such as a kitchen and bathroom, then many smaller homes can get by with just a single unit or multiple units that are run together.

Among the more well-known companies that manufacturer inline water heaters are Bosch , Rheem, Stiebel, Eemax, Rinnai, Paloma and Chronomite.

Since these inline water heaters last 3 to 5 times longer than a tank type system, choosing the right unit to fit today’s particular needs is economical and efficient. In addition, they do add value to the home for the energy savings accrued over the life of the units.

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